Sanyou launches new European offices for global business

sanyou launches new european offices for global business

In May 2023, following the CIC Boston branch in US, Sanyou opens new offices in The Shard London and CIC Rotterdam respectively, to rapidly promote the globalization of business landscape.

Headquartered in Shanghai China, Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is a world-leading national high-tech biotechnology enterprise focusing on R&D and services of innovative biological drugs. The company is committed to solving the unresolved core challenges in the R&D and industrialization of innovative biological drugs, and realizing the mission of "to make it easy to discover innovative biological drugs anywhere". At present, Sanyou has established a world-leading core technology platform for integrated R&D and preclinical development of innovative biological drugs, and possesses a world-class "super-trillion innovative-drug lead molecule library". Relying on "super-trillion, integration, and intelligence", the three industry-leading major innovative drug R&D technology platforms, Sanyou is very competitive to provide one-stop service in preclinical integrated R&D process.

By the end of 2022, Sanyou had established a team of nearly 300 innovative biopharmaceutical R&D experts and built an innovative drug R&D laboratory with an area of more than 20,000 square meters at the international leading level. The company have penetrated in the market through its "4C" business service (differentiated CRO, integrated CDO, collaborative CPO, and characteristic CRS). Sanyou has established business partnerships with more than 600 pharmaceutical companies, drug R&D institutions, and diagnostic reagent and product development companies worldwide. Its business network covers China, US, Europe, and other areas in the world.

The Shard is one of London's famous landmarks. It is located in the heart of urban transport system and is a gathering place for London's businesses with world-class office facilities. Sanyou will take advantage of The Shard's excellent connectivity to maintain close contact with overseas customers and deliver its high-quality services to clients.

The Dutch CIC is a branch of the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) in the Netherlands, which is located in Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands. Rotterdam is an important port connecting Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Australia, known as the "Gateway to Europe". The settlement in CIC Rotterdam will help Sanyou to further utilize the local and nearby resources to provide more convenient and high-quality biopharmaceutical-related services for oversea customers.

With an international product and marketing team of dozens of experts, a global business network layout, a strong new drug R&D platform, and a complete business service system, Sanyou will maximize the role of the marketing networks in China, the US, and Europe, and continue to promote the breakthrough development of global business landscape and move forward to become an innovative drug R&D service provider with global influence!