Ways to generate passive income online

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Majority of people fall into 'get rich quick' scams and lose their entire investments trying to make money online. Making money online is easy, might be tax-free depending on where you are based and always should be legal. Also, anyone at a particular age can genuinely make money online. The Internet has so many avenues of making money online that are yet to be discovered. Some businesses operate entirely online and generate a lot of profit. With the correct guidance, one can generate passive income and become financially independent without depending on a regular job. The only thing needed is discipline to revolutionize one's financial status in the long term.

Become an affiliate marketer

This is a performance-based marketing strategy whereby the affiliate marketer receives commission or rewards based on the sales generated for the company he/she promotes. The affiliate marketer is given several products to market by the company, and he/she is to earn profit from each sale they make. Also, the number of people they convince to purchase the product determines the commission given to the affiliate marketer. The affiliate marketer can promote the products by different means, such as posting the products on their social media pages with the special links of purchase provided by the companies.

Affiliate marketing is a proven way to extra income online, and there are thousands of affiliate programs available on the Internet. There a lot of social media influencers that depend on affiliate marketing to make passive income, and it works pretty well for them. One advantage of affiliate marketing is that you don't have to spend money to become an affiliate marketer, and that's true for most affiliate marketing programs. With affiliate marketing, you can make money even when sleeping or doing other jobs.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a great way of making money online, depending on the number of email subscribers that one has. It takes quite sometime before one can reap huge profits from email marketing, but the wait is worth it. First of all, to become an email marketer, one needs to set up an email software then create a lead magnet that they can use in their sales funnel. A sales funnel is a marketing model with a step by step guide of the journey potential customers undertake towards the purchase of a product or service.

Email marketing is the most effective way of nurturing and connecting with leads. The only way of achieving success through email marketing is by growing the number of email subscribers. There are various ways to add more people to the list of subscribers, such as content upgrades, building ebooks, and cheat sheets. In a short period, email marketing will prove to be a good way of earning extra income online.


Many people own blogs but have absolutely no idea how to monetize their blogs. The only thing that bloggers need to do is choosing the correct and most profitable niche. Be it fashion, business, finance, lifestyle, entertainment, photography, or health and fitness. Blogging about a niche you're passionate about will make it easy to connect with your audience and, in turn, generate more traffic. Advertising using tools such as Google Adsense are various ways of monetizing a blog. Also, promoting private ads and sponsored posts is profitable. Other methods include affiliate marketing through your blog, selling digital products, and selling memberships.


This is the most effective way of earning extra income online. You can be your own boss working online as long as you have the required skills. The highest paying freelance jobs on the Internet today are web development, programming, video editing, writing, among many others. Starting out as freelance worker can be quite difficult but the benefits are immense if you stay disciplined and resilient. You only need a laptop and internet connection to become an efficient freelance worker. With the right skills, networking with the right people and delivering high quality work freelance work pays of. There are a lot of websites that offer freelancing opportunities on the Internet, and all you need to do is sign up with them free of charge.


Webinars are lectures, presentations, or seminars conducted over the Internet in real-time using a video conferencing software. They help to build brand awareness and allow for interactivity and sending/receiving information in real-time. The only thing you need is to be proficient in a particular niche and get an audience. Earn by product or service marketing with a goal of securing a deal. Also, offering training to your audience for people who want to pay to learn works.


Shopify is the world's most popular ecommerce website builder, with over 800,000 merchants. With their trusted name comes a robust platform that makes it easy to manage customer orders, inventory, pricing, shipping, discounts and coupons.

Also, their website features helpful affiliate FAQs and promotional ideas.